Fighting Apathy

It is getting harder and harder to be a conservative thinker in the United States. And it doesn’t really matter how “conservative” your views, or whether you ever saw yourself in this category.

+ If you don’t like the constant waste of tax dollars – you’re conservative.
+ If you don’t like your country overrun with illegal aliens – you’re conservative AND a racist.
+ If you don’t like a US President who makes unilateral decisions – you’re a conservative AND a racist.
+ If you don’t like a country having a $17 trillion debt – you’re a conservative.

I get tired of all the “noise” which merely serves to distract from these important issues impacting my country and my fellow citizens.

Take away the conservative label and what do you have?

++ A constant waste of tax dollars
++ A country overrun with illegal aliens
++ A President who makes unilateral decisions
++ A country in $17 trillion in debt

What changed? Nothing.

The apathy sets in when one sees that the same problems continue in some shape or form, via each day’s news reports. Vote down the DREAM Act? Good you say. But, no. Obama comes up with a little scheme called “deferred action” which is worse than the DREAM Act which has never actually BEEN an “Act” since it has consistently failed to be accepted! Crazymaking at its finest.

As if this is not enough to completely dull your brain, the president and his cronies keep pushing illegal alien “demands” as if this is his #1 concern. The GOP is not better and in fact WORSE since as the opposing party with a “conservative” base, they at least should be listening to their constituents. But no.

Instead, they are proposing some convoluted scheme of their own which is some of the worst example of fence-sitting I have ever seen. And it’s a dangerous game they play with 2014 elections approaching.

What about jobs for millions of American citizens who are un or under-employed? What about that deficit thing? Where’s even the hint of a balanced budget? And how the HECK are you going to get us out of this healthcare debacle created by, you-know-who?

Some mornings I find it nearly impossible to retain focus of what is really going on – and I do really make an effort. Why? Because it DOES make a difference. Remove the labels slapped on topics and study what the real damages are to our country. Despite the spin, they will be the same – across the board.

Now, more than ever, apathy is just not an option.

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Drowning in Purposeful Nonsense

I started this blog to try to ask questions that weren’t being asked or weren’t being answered regarding decisions being made by the US Government and our alleged representatives. I had drastically underestimated in December 2010, how much worse things would get.

Now I’ve come to believe this was the goal of the Obama administration. Those not inside Obama’s “protected” zone are constantly distracted by the latest flare-up – the fire before still burning – with no answers and no clear explanation.

Let’s do a quick recap:

+ Benghazi – the result of tragic and unexplainable inaction
+ Obamacare – now you see it, now you don’t but you’ll still pay
+ Selection of top officials with dubious backgrounds
+ Gun-running to Mexico and who knows where else
+ Lack of border enforcement and the DACA – Deferred (meaning no) removal of illegal aliens
+ Executive pen-signings on contentious issues
+ Multi-million dollar vacations with Obama’s daughters listed as “senior advisers”
+ NSA spying – on everyone
+ IRS used to whip Tea Party and conservative groups
+ No budget
+ No new jobs…
…and last but not least, basic ineptitude regarding foreign policy.

Surrounding all this nonsense is the continuing feeling that no one is sure who Obama really is. There is at least one image online showing Obama requesting aid to attend a US college as a “foreign student.” So, is this fraud? We can’t find out for sure because Obama spent a lot of time, money and effort to seal his past from view. But the fact remains that if he received $1 in aid as a foreign student, he is then also ineligible to be President of the United States.

How did he get here? I haven’t a clue. How did he stay here? Well, if the DOJ is more concerned about ensuring people are NOT required to have valid ID to vote than to make sure we have a legitimate election- that would be my first guess.

Have you applied for a job lately? You’ll need a valid ID. For many jobs you’ll be put through a background check – to at minimum prove you are who you say you are. Have experience and education listed on your resume? Those items will be checked for validity before you are hired.

But not Obama and not for the “job” of President of the United States of America.

More nonsense.

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“No News” is just “No News”

I have been unable to get into all 3 of my WordPress blogs off and on for the past few weeks. Once again, “brute force attacks” are the stated cause.

In English, because some purposefully spiteful computer hacker decides to spew garbage at the WordPress servers where log-in info is held, everyone who works a blog and pays for the service – has none. If you post articles on a regular basis, you can’t. If you try to log-in to your own site and it’s been shut down by the host, you’ll start another 24-hour spell of being stopped from getting to, updating, or changing your own work.

This is like going to a store that states “Open” hours of 9 to 5 on the door, you’re there at 10:30am, and the door is locked. Even worse, you are the owner and now, your key doesn’t work either.

The irony is that while the US Government is invading US citizen and corporate blogs, web sites, emails, phone calls, Google, Facebook, and seemingly anything else they can get their hands on, they don’t see that guarding legitimate sites and services is necessary.

I forecast ten years ago that the “world” would ruin all that was good about the Internet – in about ten years. Looks like we’re right on track. From trying to change tax laws in order to suck revenue from businesses not in their state, to spying on ALL our correspondence, to attacks on allegedly secure bank and medical information, deceasing online profiles and hiding your money under a mattress are starting to sound like good ideas.

Don’t forget…it’s not paranoia if it ends up being true.

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Friday Facts: April 19, 2013

Not much good news in the US this week although our senators DID manage to stop – for the moment – the Obama administration’s gun-grab from citizens. People died on the job in Texas, and some foreigner or two with a backpack decided to maim observers of the Boston Marathon. Still no solid news on what’s happening there and what cover-ups may be in play over this tragic event.

So, we’re going to turn the “tube” on those who are just supposed to present the news we see, not make it up as they go along – along with about 12 minutes or so of some really funny TV outtakes from times gone by…

When things look bad, sometimes you have to find something funny and have a good laugh to save your sanity!

Block out everything else for 15 minutes or so and then go have a great weekend!

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Web Site Attacks and Deadbeat Clients – Time Wasters ALL

It amazes me that so many people with obvious technical skills use them to attempt invasion or crashes of other people’s work. I’ve not been able to get to this blog off and on for the past 4 days due to some “brute force” attack against the company that hosts the server. They detect a potential threat – and close access to everyone.

What a waste of time!

Also this past week I had a freelance blog job cancelled – because I requested I be paid on time. What was I thinking…

There is nothing more frustrating than to be a small business or a freelance worker and have people think that means they can get away with either not paying you, paying you late, or always (apparently) paying you last.

After 6+ months of this crap I finally sent off an email stating that I would like to be paid as agreed and that NOT being paid as expected was not only causing stress, but it was having a major impact on motivation to continue working. It’s difficult to sit at a screen and come up with positive and enthusiastic posts for a company when you are looking at 2 months worth of posts not yet paid for.

After nearly a week, I finally received a response that turned my request to be paid and my willingness to forge onward if I did, get turned around to the implication that I could not “handle the work stress” and they sent my “final” payment!

There was also a mention that the company’s CEO had been on vacation – as if I had dared to invade HIS downtime. Fact is – one month’s invoice was already overdue BEFORE he left for vacation – and yet he made no effort to pay it before he left. This is also the same excuse I got for the November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) invoices paid late. Does he think there were no holidays here where the work was still getting published?

It would be funny if it was not so pathetic.

This is a company that also manages full time – “every two weeks” employees. I had to wonder what would happen if any of THEM were not paid for 2 months – while they were expected to continue working. Would they all be fired for expecting payment for work already completed? I doubt it.

So my “Friday Facts” which I am finally able to post on Sunday are:

#1 Hackers – find something more productive to do with your skills. Mind your own business. Leave the rest of us alone because…

#2 We are having a hard enough time staying “employed” and getting paid. We don’t need to have blogs and web sites we manage “attacked” – forcing us to delay work we’ve already finished.

#3 Deadbeat Clients: Your business is suspect if you can’t pay your bills on time. Good riddance.

Happy Sunday – see you again – when I can…

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Friday Facts: April 5, 2013

This week I decided to TRY to have a nice mix of “positive” news along with the “stupid stuff” that normally passes for news in the US each week. Everyone needs a break from stupid once and awhile or we’ll all be as mad as the rest of them!

Sometimes it seems technology is just here for the sake of a few companies making a buck to sell more and more “toys” to the masses. Here’s a productive use of the stuff…

++ How Technology Is Helping To Save U.S. Soldiers’ Adopted Canine Friends From An Uncertain Fate

And while we’re on the subject of soldiers and these “wars” they are being asked to fight, who wouldn’t agree with this?

++ McFeatters: American people deserve honest estimates of what war will cost

And now for some stupid…

++ The Food Stamp President: Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubles In Obama’s First Term

If Obama is such a great president, then why is the country going to the dogs? Here are a few more reasons…

++ Drug Smugglers As American As Apple Pie? More Like As Mexican As Tequila

++ Deroy Murdock: Obama lives large while Americans struggle to get by

What else do you expect from a narcissist?

And talk about a totally ridiculous change in Associated Press standards:

++ No More ‘Illegal Immigrants’

This is about as effective as Obama stating, “No new taxes.” NOT! And saying something “is” or “isn’t” doesn’t make it so. It could be, but we’ve learned otherwise from alleged media sources and the government AND politicians.

I have a problem with calling purposeful invaders into the US “immigrants” at all. They aren’t immigrants, they’re criminals.

++ One-Third of Illegal Aliens Released by ICE in Florida Have Criminal Records

Which in itself, seems criminal.

Be safe out there!

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Friday Facts: March 29,2013

Here are a few pieces of news from this past week. Seems the White House now wants to grab money from your tailpipe. I’m all for cleaner air, but first let’s get those billions back Obama gave away to solar and “green” companies who went bankrupt.

++ “White House plans to unveil EPA proposal that aims to clean up gasoline and automobile emissions — a plan officials say will lead to cleaner air but also higher gas prices.

You can fight and die for the flag but in order to fly one in your own yard, you have to pay for a permit – and then hope the “neighbors” don’t object.

++ Marine veteran ordered to remove American flag from his yard.

I call this one the “War On Knives.”

++ Massachusetts 13-year-old suspended for bringing butter knife to school

At the same time you have to wonder about the intelligence level of parents these days. If the school has a “no knives” policy, sending your kid to school with a knife – of any sort – seems to be waving the red flag at a bull. If the kid needs her fruit cut because she wears braces, cut the damn apple for her at home and THEN put it in her lunchbox. Problem solved, no suspension, and no stupid news headlines.

And the typical Obamaism for this week, and every week:

++ Immigration reform coming soon, Obama tells Spanish networks

“U.S. President Barack Obama had a clear message in interviews with two of America’s largest Spanish-language broadcast television networks on Wednesday: Immigration reform is coming soon. A group of lawmakers are close to working out the details of their proposal, Obama said.

“I’m actually very optimistic that when they return in early April we will see a bill ready to move through the process,” he told Telemundo.

“The most important thing is that we are seeing a strong compromise to resolve the problem,” he said. “I’ve got my own legislation, I’m prepared to step in, but I don’t think that’s going to be necessary.”

Reading between the lines, which of course is a requirement for Obama translations, this says, “I’ve already written a bunch of you illegal yahoos into the country to vote for me, and I can do it again. I’ll give Congress time to hang themselves first and then I’ll just whip out my favorite Bic and dictate what’s going to happen.

If you can’t read this between the lines then you haven’t been paying any attention to Obama’s willingness to say or do ANYTHING that forwards his agenda – whether he has any intention of standing by what he says – is not important to him.

If you think we are living in anything other than a dictatorship you are mistaken. And if you don’t realize that Obama has a regime vs an administration, wrong again. Just look at the facts…

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This Week’s Obamanations

There is only so much stupid stuff one person can take in in any given week. For the past 6 months or so, it seems to me we are ALL in “overload” on stupid.

Here are a few irksome things going on at the moment.

Marriage: Man and a woman. Period.

This whole topic is like so many others than have run completely amok under the Obama regime. First they kinda-sorta make homosexual “marriage” legal but they forget that means having to review a whole other crop of laws that are now being “questioned.” So, this big push to me seems to be a “follow the money” moment. If you legalize homosexuals as married, then can they now file as “married” for tax puposes?

Hmmm…Guess this means that a WHOLE LOT of single people who were paying tax rates as “single” will now be filing as “married.” I’ve paid the single tax rate most of my adult life and I can tell you there is a HUGE difference between a single rate and a married rate for tax purposes. The administration shot itself in the foot with this one so of course they will turn to middle class heterosexual taxpayers to pay MORE once they realize all the tax revenue they just kissed goodbye to the same-sex marriage crowd. This tax advantage might turn a whole new trend in same-sex tax filers!

Obamacare: No, he doesn’t.

It amazes me that anyone is so narcissistic that they would lend their name and according to him most of his first term in office, to this piece of CRAP!

“You won’t pay more” – Yes, you will.
“You won’t be taxed or penalized” – Yes, you will, to both.
“Illegal aliens won’t be covered” – Yes, they will.

I keep reminding people that this thing was called the “Affordable Care Act.” The only word left that makes any sense by now is “act” – it’s ALL an act. There is nothing in this monstrosity that has done more than waste time on the “Is it or isn’t it?” or “Do we have to or don’t we have to?” – or pick any particular portion of the Act and you will find nothing but vagaries on most of the most important topics.

And let’s also not forget that during the passage of this Act of which most who voted for did not read, they who passed it – immediately exempted themselves from it. How stupid would you have to be to AGREE to this behavior on a more one-on-one scenario? Answer: You wouldn’t.

Stomp on Jesus?

Down south there are university professors telling students to write the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper and then stomp on it. No, I’m not kidding. Apparently one student in class had a brain of his own and he refused to do something so stupid AND pointless. The school had suspended him. Now there’s a lesson in education for you. I have to wonder what this black professor would have done in a class where HE was told to write Martin Luther King on a piece of paper and stomp on that. Or how about writing Barack Hussein Obama on a piece of paper and giving that a good stomp? Would secret service agents soon arrive? Do try this at home!

Easter is a bad, bad word

Now we have – also from the south, an assault on the word “Easter.” No, still not kidding. Apparently the same atheist idiots who are offended by crosses on graves are also feeling compelled to tell others that “Easter” is an offensive religious term. How does this crap get momentum? School systems and local governments bow down to it – instead of the more obvious response which would be to tell them to come back when they really have something to worry about.

It’s been a long day and I won’t get into the handouts to foreign countries while we drown in our own debt, or the fact that Obama’s kids are off on Spring Break to the Bahamas – probably to the tune of more than the nearly $200 grand they spent last year or that North Carolina just decided to GIVE driver’s licenses to illegal aliens – against much protest from the rest of us who are trying to use North Carolina roads without getting killed by one of them, or the Muslims who seem to think they too, like illegal aliens, are ABOVE most US laws. Why wouldn’t they? Obama keeps proving it is so…and he won’t be happy until the US is a third-world country with most of us unemployed and living in shacks while paying taxes to keep those EBT cards and cellphones going for illegals. And then there is the knee-jerk grab for guns – from law-abiding citizens. These yahoos actually believe they can pass a LAW regarding guns – that criminal gun possessors will FOLLOW! That’s worked SO WELL for drugs – and other illegal items…

It really is just too much for a sane brain to manage. It doesn’t make sense because it isn’t supposed to and that’s the one thing Obama is really good at.

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Friday Facts: March 22, 2013

And here they are:

Who is this person?

And my personal favorite…

Remember, before Obama got his hands on it, this disaster now called “Obamacare” WAS called the “Affordable Care Act.” Not going to be “affordable” for anyone now – and the level of “care” is also in question.

Be careful out there…

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Media 2013: They Just don’t Get It

Most of us are fully aware that what passes for “news” these days is anything but. Media has become nothing more than PR firms for whomever they perceive – sometimes just for the day – has the power.

I read the “Opinion” piece below this morning and could only shake my head in amazement:

GOP, confront your racism problem

He starts off on the wrong foot by discussing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I don’t have time to get into that this morning but let me just make two points:

#1. A large portion of his readers weren’t even alive in 1964.

#2. It is a tragedy that he selects bits and pieces of the Act and puts his spin on it – to use as discussion points. He then makes the Act nothing more than political fodder for his opinion. This is not what people died to accomplish.

He then selects ONE CRIME which was “white-on-black” and highlights it as if it has been the only crime in his entire frame of reference. But he did not bother to mention Jamiel Shaw, an outstanding and BLACK student who was brutally murdered by illegal aliens. If you want to get your blood boiling read what happened to Jamiel.

The irony is that while he’s playing the race card and pointing his finger at the GOP, he’s also proving that he stays within a very slim band of what he’s willing to see, read and hear about the current state of this country. Apparently he believes that no white citizens have ever been murdered by blacks. And I’m to accept his “opinion” on race?

He’s become a spokesmodel for the “divide and conquer” crowd – also known as the US Government, and BOTH political parties. And he seems not to realize he’s being used.

I’m not black, I’m not illegal, and I’m not gay so I doubt today’s media gives a rat’s butt for what I have to say. CNN has certainly not called to ask for MY opinion on things but if they did, here’s what I’d have to say.

This country no longer has a two-party system. Politicians are keeping up the facade of such so they can continue on collecting money from party members – allegedly to support and promote their party platform. This is a scam – and another example of a totally greed and power-based society.

This country has a drug and crime problem. Obama is doing his best to make this worse by releasing thousands of criminal illegals back into our cities and towns while the lack of secure border is allowing terrorists and cartels to just walk in and take over – and they’re doing it – one town, then city, then state at a time. The clock keeps ticking while Obama plays golf and ICE, the DOJ and DHS suck billions of tax dollars – for NOT doing their jobs – which is to preserve the rights of and to protect, ALL US citizens.

Good old LZ needs to find a new word to throw around other than “racism” and “racist.” They’ve been so overused and ill-applied to non-racial situations that the word no longer has any real meaning. For his part in this, he should be ashamed to find he’s nothing more than a puppet – of the political and media machine he thinks he knows.

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