“Ethical” Hackers?

Two of my sites were hacked early Sunday morning. Visitors were treated to a black page with a big red “HACKED” sign and incredibly – also treated to what sounded like Indian rap music.

Need I say more?

Other than being down for awhile nothing was really lost. I figure that anything I put on the Internet is subject to being misused, copied, stolen or otherwise interfered with – and plan accordingly.

I’m not an expert on Internet security and I’m (obviously) not a server geek but I can tell it takes some level of technical skill to purposely hack someone else’s web site or blog. When I started doing some research on this particular hack – which group had no problem placing it’s name on the new and hacked index page, I realized there are some hackers termed “ethical.” How can this be?

You can try to convince people that there is some practical or positive reason to hack a web site but I’m not buying any of it. There is no purpose to hacking except to disrupt the lives of others – who don’t know you and most likely were doing nothing to interfere with your day.

I’m not sure, other than some warped ego boost, why anyone would do such a thing to an individual or business site. In the world of hackers I guess gaining unauthorized access and vandalizing a virtual person or business site is not considered as bad as taking a hammer and breaking a lock on someone’s home or business – but it is the SAME THING. There is nothing that can ever be “ethical” about it.

I realize the world has gone a bit stupid and that many people are living in self-made little virtual pods. It must be easy for a hacker to think him or herself a genius – in their own pod. The sad part is that these people have valuable skills most others don’t possess – and they waste them hacking web sites and servers or in trying to teach others to do the same.

Anyone who takes a valuable skill and uses it in this manner is just lazy, stupid, and nasty – no matter their technical savvy. A surgeon who knows how to operate on people and save their lives but instead purposely begins surgeries to maim or kill would be about as welcomed.

My hosting company did a damn good job fixing the hack – and it did enable them to find a point of vulnerability in their network. I guess hackers will pat themselves on the back for being so clever as to find it in the first place. You won’t be getting any gold star from me.

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