Friday Facts – September 23, 2011

It’s always a long week when Mexican President Calderon visits the United States to spread a little more of his pixie dust – or is it chili pepper…

He’s apparently made a new travel video espousing the joys of Mexico as a tourist destination. I haven’t seen it and I’m not looking for clips or YouTube videos. I saw one of the articles regarding the 35 bodies dumped just outside Vera Cruz. That’s enough.

While Calderon blames US drug consumers for all his woes, he turns right around and “suggests” the US should legalize drugs. The hypocrisy of this political stance did not escape attention. Nor does it take into account the millions of US citizens who are NOT drug users and who continue to suffer from all sides of the world’s drug problem.

Killing US Citizens – Financially and Physically

So, despite the billions in $$ the US Government sends to Mexico – along with little programs like the “Merida Initiative,” which cost American taxpayers another $1.6 billion dollars between 2007 and 2010, Calderon just comes back for more – and now wants to create US policy.

And just in case these billions are successful in pushing drugs out of Mexico, guess what? There’s another “initiative” called the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative:

The Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) is the latest pillar of a U.S. security strategy focused on citizen safety throughout the hemisphere. CBSI will seek to bring all members of CARICOM and the DR together to jointly collaborate on regional security with the United States as a partner.

Now we’re supposed to be a partner (read: source of most funding) to countries in this little coalition, JUST IN CASE any druggies decide to move and set up shop there. You can’t prove a negative but apparently the US is happy to spend our tax dollars paying for it.


US citizens are now being killed at a rate of 25 per DAY by illegal aliens. You can see from the report that this number has DOUBLED in the last 5 years. For those politicians, some of whom had a lot to not-say last night – read ‘em and weep. Getting numb to the numbers? 25 US citizens killed each day means 9,125 killed EACH YEAR by illegal aliens.

And not very comforting to have Homeland Security doing it’s usual best to be totally ineffective.

This is the most dysfunctional situation in the US Government and that’s saying quite a bit. They have policies they won’t enforce. When they get called on that, then they whine about how ineffective their policies are – blaming something or someone else – and they continue to do – almost nothing to solve this huge problem.

And late last night I read another article about alleged ill-treatment of illegal aliens once they are caught. They don’t get enough food, they don’t get enough water – they’re too hot, they’re too cold…and on and on, and on. They must just be confused. After they CHOSE these very conditions in order to illegally enter the United States, they get here, get caught, and now whine about how bad their conditions are. And notice in the title of the article that these apprehended illegals are called “Migrants.”


Finally for this week’s “Friday Facts,” the latest list of corrupt politicians from CREW – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Read the list and you’ll wonder if CREW will ever be able to publish a “non-corrupt” list. Also notice how many of these politicians cited are still holding positions of considerable political power.

Much is revealed – and much is now explained…this is about the only thing that makes sense this week and reminds me of the old adage for those writing computer code: “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”

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