Friday Facts – September 30, 2011

Amazing diversity of coverage on US District Judge Blackburn’s decision regarding Alabama’s immigration law.

Farmers immediately began whining about losing their slave labor.

You’ll want to read that article since he is complaining that he can only get illegals to work in his fields for $100 a day, etc., etc. The guy’s hypocrisy is nearly overwhelming. Sounds like a business “Too Small Not To Fail” to me.

I personally think Judge Blackburn should have let this portion of the law go into immediate effect:

In the lawsuit filed by the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama and others, Blackburn also stopped the state from enforcing two new traffic laws, which would have set up $500 fines for blocking traffic to hire workers on a street.

The Hispanic Interest Coalition? Isn’t that also called The White House?

Seriously, if you’ve ever found yourself blocked by this illegal’s job-seeking activity you’ll know why I think this portion of the law should have been upheld.

Illegals congregate at roadway intersections and trucks and vans stop to make day-job deals with them. They could care less if they are blocking traffic but once you’re already breaking so many other laws and getting away with it – who needs to care? They’re basically job prostitutes blatantly walking the streets – but from movies I’ve seen, at least those of the older profession seem to know enough to stay on the sidewalk.

To those in favor of the judge’s decision, the upheld portions of the Alabama law are good news and are seen as a success in “securing” Alabama. To those in opposition who will now be appealing it to death, headlines were more like this one:

Federal judge guts much of measure; just 4 significant portions of law stand

Guess that word “significant” got by them…as did unbiased reporting.

In the meantime, the Obama Headline Machine has been busy with ICE news like this one:

U.S. Detains Nearly 3,000 Illegal Immigrants

We already know that “detaining” them means nothing. Reports of deportations mean nothing. When you can read an article about an illegal alien who just got arrested for his 6th DUI and he is still in the United States, “detaining” is a bit of a joke. The US has “detained” them to the tune of an estimated 28 MILLION illegal aliens – which reveals the total inadequacy of the 3,000 they’re boasting about.

And Governor Perry – the next man who would be King…and who thinks we are all “heartless” because we are tired of funding illegal aliens and their copious numbers of children.

Well, it isn’t “heartless” to want illegal people out of your country. It isn’t “heartless” to want your tax dollars not spent on them. It isn’t “heartless” to not want to pay to birth, feed, and educate illegal’s children. It IS heartless to have to say so because the US Government is less concerned with the overwhelming financial burden placed on US taxpayers than it is in the sob stories of those who want to benefit further via their relatives who have already broken US laws.

Recent polls show that 81% of US citizens polled do NOT want to fund in-state college tuition for illegal aliens. 81%

Governor Perry – 19% won’t get you the White House.

In my nearly 55 years on the planet I can never remember ANY topic that gained 81% agreement by US citizens. If a Presidential contender makes a comment in support of policies that have been shown as acceptable to only 19% of the population, I’d say he’s too ignorant to be President. He’s already shown he can’t even do the math…

Additional facts on Governor Perry

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