President Obama’s Speech – More Words versus Actions

There is all this hoopla about the President’s job speech on tap for tonight and I can’t understand why.

His actions in the past couple of months have already spoken for him. His “Executive Order” amnesty relying upon facets of the “DREAM Act” which was voted down by Congress last December speaks loudly.

He isn’t listening to us, why should we listen to him?

His Labor Department Secretary, Hilda Solis, is spending a large part of her time worrying about the “rights” of illegal aliens to not only work in this country, but also in educating them on how much more they can get their hands on now that Obama has taken even more teeth out of the country’s ability to protect itself. Apparently she is less concerned about the (minimum) 9% unemployment of legal citizens. For those of you with math blockage that means nearly one out of every ten citizens in the United States is currently unemployed.

Her lack of interest in US workers combined with Obama’s lack of knowledge of how a country is supposed to properly function led to ZERO new jobs added for the month of August. The first time, I read somewhere, that has happened since 1983.

The administration turns this disaster around and instead of taking blame for having an active role in the current mess, they use this zero jobs problem as a allegedly new reason why the country should now back some great new jobs scheme Obama is going to impart to us this evening. I don’t think I have ever seen such a mental mess called “news” all focused on no one taking responsibility for this disastrous US state of affairs.

Nancy Pelosi has her knickers in a twist. NOT because one in ten American citizens is unemployed, but because the Republicans have said they won’t attend Obama’s jobs speech this evening, and they won’t comment on it after he is finished. I don’t know about Republican politicians, but after the abysmal Obama show of the last 3 years, AND after he just changed the immigration rules – completely disregarding what Congress, (read representatives of US citizens) just decided on last December – I’m not interested in his comments either. Pelosi is one of the worst politicians, (okay maybe a close tie with Harry Reid) – who focuses on party-line bias versus working for real solutions. This is yet another example of her focus being politics – not solutions.

This President is good at winning elections and great at fundraising. Period. His desperation to access new voters through an Executive Order regarding illegal aliens is obvious. He has done some major damage to the reputation of the United States inside and outside the country. This is unforgivable. He has not increased jobs. He has not lowered the debt. He has not run a transparent and open government. He has failed, miserably.

No amount of “talk” from the President can erase these facts. That would have taken action – and action that started 3 years ago. He would have needed a plan for success – he seems to have had no plan. He just wanted to be President.

Since he’s done so little he promised, if I was a Republican member of Congress being aggravated about providing a rebuttal to his speech tonight, I would already be prepared. I’d just re-run President Obama’s Inaugural speech, and then ask, “Why Not?”

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