Friday Facts – April 27, 2012

Face it American citizens, your federal and state governments are putting your lives at risk, and then refuse to prosecute people who kill you.

Think I’m exaggerating?

“Illegal alien accused in death may go free — without trial”

A federal immigration judge approved this illegal Guatemalan’s deportation last week.

“Contreras posted $50,000 cash bail three days after she was arrested Dec. 2, when a cousin showed up with the money. She was then scooped up by federal immigration officials, who are holding her in South Bay House of Correction in Boston.”

And then…

“A Homeland Security official with knowledge of the case said the only reason Contreras could skip town is because she posted bail and the feds had only two options — deport her or set her free. The district attorney’s office said it did what it could.”

“Skip town.”

He said it, I didn’t.

But they continue to create these loopholes for illegals, and parade the US college-educated illegal aliens in front of us as if they represent this entire teflon society.

They don’t.

I can’t imagine being a family member of one of the 10,000 US citizens killed by an illegal alien in the US in the last year. To have your family member murdered and then find out your tax dollars will be used to fly this person back to their “home” country may be the only “penalty” they receive?

I’ll leave that thought to be pondered this Friday morning…

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