Friday Facts – April 6, 2012

As we rapidly approach yet another US Income Tax pay season, here are some of the reasons I cite for not wanting to further contribute – while there is no accountability of how my hard-earned tax dollars are spent:

Illegal Aliens - Cost and Consequences

I’ve been paying into the US government-enforced tax system for a long time – nearly 40 years. I resent taxes just like most people – always thinking what I could do with the money I send the US Government, but I paid – just like everyone else.

But times have changed. There is not even an attempt to control government spending or to ensure that only legal US citizens and legal immigrants are benefiting from my tax dollars. The graphic above proves it.

In the past I’ve loaned money to friends and to relatives that never was paid back. This didn’t make me happy, but I was able to just let it go in all but one instance. On the other hand, having to fork over some 22% of my income every single year – and to read how it is being spent, is unacceptable. People who entered the US illegally, get my tax money. US Government officials, who want to fly to Vegas for a luxury weekend, use my tax dollars. And on, and on, and on…

I read an article earlier this week that the Obama Administration and his crew at the DOJ have authorized the hiring of 4,000 new IRS agents. This is mainly due to Obamacare which (in a common-sense world) should fail and fail fast. The new law – allegedly good for my health – would allow the government to tap into my bank account – apparently at their whim and will – to take money I earned to spend on what health coverage they DEMAND I buy.

This administration, while having a abysmal record, is pushing citizens and pushing hard. Not for the common good, not for the good of the country, but to shore up illegals to vote for Obama, so he can grab control of more of the country’s resources, while also gaining access to more of hard-working people’s income – to spread to others.

As far and stress and frustration, and from what I read far and wide, (outside the “news” sources which are all mostly suspect) Obama has had the worst impact on citizen’s health of ANY US PRESIDENT. Ever.

+ Fining me further and creating laws that allow the Fed to steal funds from my bank account are not good for my physical OR financial health.

+ Giving my tax dollars to illegals – who are murdering US citizens at a rate of 10,000 per year, is not good for my health.

+ Having a president who can’t provide proof of legal citizenship is not good for my health.

+ Encouraging a “crony” government and passing “Executive Orders” around and without the input of Congress, MY representatives, is not good for my health.

Obama is the LAST person who should be discussing or having input on health care. He’s actually the worst disease in the United States at the moment…

Fortunately, inoculations will begin in November 2012. Hope we can last that long…

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