Individual Mandate a Revenue-Generator

While doing some research on the abomination that is “ObamaCare” I stumbled across a few “facts” that are worth sharing. I’m not so sure that it matters because if the Supreme Court does not pull the plug on this latest Obama disaster, the “facts” that won’t have mattered prior, will certainly not matter afterward.

According to the Congressional Budget Office:

+ Obamacare will cost $1.7 trillion over 10 years, almost double the original $938 billion estimate.

+ 4 million fewer people will be able to obtain health insurance coverage from their employer

+ 2 million fewer will be eligible for coverage through the health insurance exchanges

+ Two million more people will be left uninsured, leaving 26 million to 27 million without insurance.

But here’s the real kick:

CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, now estimates that $141 billion will be collected in penalties from employers and individuals, $26 billion higher than the previous estimate, because more individuals will be left uninsured.

And add to the list of “waivers” that the Obama administration has handed out to Congress, some businesses and some states, “undocumented immigrants.”

Yes, while many US citizens and legal immigrants will have a penalty taken from their bank accounts for not buying into this ObamaCare scheme, illegal aliens receive a nearly automatic waiver – because they are “undocumented.”

Read more if you dare…

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