Friday Facts: April 5, 2013

This week I decided to TRY to have a nice mix of “positive” news along with the “stupid stuff” that normally passes for news in the US each week. Everyone needs a break from stupid once and awhile or we’ll all be as mad as the rest of them!

Sometimes it seems technology is just here for the sake of a few companies making a buck to sell more and more “toys” to the masses. Here’s a productive use of the stuff…

++ How Technology Is Helping To Save U.S. Soldiers’ Adopted Canine Friends From An Uncertain Fate

And while we’re on the subject of soldiers and these “wars” they are being asked to fight, who wouldn’t agree with this?

++ McFeatters: American people deserve honest estimates of what war will cost

And now for some stupid…

++ The Food Stamp President: Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubles In Obama’s First Term

If Obama is such a great president, then why is the country going to the dogs? Here are a few more reasons…

++ Drug Smugglers As American As Apple Pie? More Like As Mexican As Tequila

++ Deroy Murdock: Obama lives large while Americans struggle to get by

What else do you expect from a narcissist?

And talk about a totally ridiculous change in Associated Press standards:

++ No More ‘Illegal Immigrants’

This is about as effective as Obama stating, “No new taxes.” NOT! And saying something “is” or “isn’t” doesn’t make it so. It could be, but we’ve learned otherwise from alleged media sources and the government AND politicians.

I have a problem with calling purposeful invaders into the US “immigrants” at all. They aren’t immigrants, they’re criminals.

++ One-Third of Illegal Aliens Released by ICE in Florida Have Criminal Records

Which in itself, seems criminal.

Be safe out there!

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