Friday Facts: March 29,2013

Here are a few pieces of news from this past week. Seems the White House now wants to grab money from your tailpipe. I’m all for cleaner air, but first let’s get those billions back Obama gave away to solar and “green” companies who went bankrupt.

++ “White House plans to unveil EPA proposal that aims to clean up gasoline and automobile emissions — a plan officials say will lead to cleaner air but also higher gas prices.

You can fight and die for the flag but in order to fly one in your own yard, you have to pay for a permit – and then hope the “neighbors” don’t object.

++ Marine veteran ordered to remove American flag from his yard.

I call this one the “War On Knives.”

++ Massachusetts 13-year-old suspended for bringing butter knife to school

At the same time you have to wonder about the intelligence level of parents these days. If the school has a “no knives” policy, sending your kid to school with a knife – of any sort – seems to be waving the red flag at a bull. If the kid needs her fruit cut because she wears braces, cut the damn apple for her at home and THEN put it in her lunchbox. Problem solved, no suspension, and no stupid news headlines.

And the typical Obamaism for this week, and every week:

++ Immigration reform coming soon, Obama tells Spanish networks

“U.S. President Barack Obama had a clear message in interviews with two of America’s largest Spanish-language broadcast television networks on Wednesday: Immigration reform is coming soon. A group of lawmakers are close to working out the details of their proposal, Obama said.

“I’m actually very optimistic that when they return in early April we will see a bill ready to move through the process,” he told Telemundo.

“The most important thing is that we are seeing a strong compromise to resolve the problem,” he said. “I’ve got my own legislation, I’m prepared to step in, but I don’t think that’s going to be necessary.”

Reading between the lines, which of course is a requirement for Obama translations, this says, “I’ve already written a bunch of you illegal yahoos into the country to vote for me, and I can do it again. I’ll give Congress time to hang themselves first and then I’ll just whip out my favorite Bic and dictate what’s going to happen.

If you can’t read this between the lines then you haven’t been paying any attention to Obama’s willingness to say or do ANYTHING that forwards his agenda – whether he has any intention of standing by what he says – is not important to him.

If you think we are living in anything other than a dictatorship you are mistaken. And if you don’t realize that Obama has a regime vs an administration, wrong again. Just look at the facts…

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