Media 2013: They Just don’t Get It

Most of us are fully aware that what passes for “news” these days is anything but. Media has become nothing more than PR firms for whomever they perceive – sometimes just for the day – has the power.

I read the “Opinion” piece below this morning and could only shake my head in amazement:

GOP, confront your racism problem

He starts off on the wrong foot by discussing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I don’t have time to get into that this morning but let me just make two points:

#1. A large portion of his readers weren’t even alive in 1964.

#2. It is a tragedy that he selects bits and pieces of the Act and puts his spin on it – to use as discussion points. He then makes the Act nothing more than political fodder for his opinion. This is not what people died to accomplish.

He then selects ONE CRIME which was “white-on-black” and highlights it as if it has been the only crime in his entire frame of reference. But he did not bother to mention Jamiel Shaw, an outstanding and BLACK student who was brutally murdered by illegal aliens. If you want to get your blood boiling read what happened to Jamiel.

The irony is that while he’s playing the race card and pointing his finger at the GOP, he’s also proving that he stays within a very slim band of what he’s willing to see, read and hear about the current state of this country. Apparently he believes that no white citizens have ever been murdered by blacks. And I’m to accept his “opinion” on race?

He’s become a spokesmodel for the “divide and conquer” crowd – also known as the US Government, and BOTH political parties. And he seems not to realize he’s being used.

I’m not black, I’m not illegal, and I’m not gay so I doubt today’s media gives a rat’s butt for what I have to say. CNN has certainly not called to ask for MY opinion on things but if they did, here’s what I’d have to say.

This country no longer has a two-party system. Politicians are keeping up the facade of such so they can continue on collecting money from party members – allegedly to support and promote their party platform. This is a scam – and another example of a totally greed and power-based society.

This country has a drug and crime problem. Obama is doing his best to make this worse by releasing thousands of criminal illegals back into our cities and towns while the lack of secure border is allowing terrorists and cartels to just walk in and take over – and they’re doing it – one town, then city, then state at a time. The clock keeps ticking while Obama plays golf and ICE, the DOJ and DHS suck billions of tax dollars – for NOT doing their jobs – which is to preserve the rights of and to protect, ALL US citizens.

Good old LZ needs to find a new word to throw around other than “racism” and “racist.” They’ve been so overused and ill-applied to non-racial situations that the word no longer has any real meaning. For his part in this, he should be ashamed to find he’s nothing more than a puppet – of the political and media machine he thinks he knows.

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