“No News” is just “No News”

I have been unable to get into all 3 of my WordPress blogs off and on for the past few weeks. Once again, “brute force attacks” are the stated cause.

In English, because some purposefully spiteful computer hacker decides to spew garbage at the WordPress servers where log-in info is held, everyone who works a blog and pays for the service – has none. If you post articles on a regular basis, you can’t. If you try to log-in to your own site and it’s been shut down by the host, you’ll start another 24-hour spell of being stopped from getting to, updating, or changing your own work.

This is like going to a store that states “Open” hours of 9 to 5 on the door, you’re there at 10:30am, and the door is locked. Even worse, you are the owner and now, your key doesn’t work either.

The irony is that while the US Government is invading US citizen and corporate blogs, web sites, emails, phone calls, Google, Facebook, and seemingly anything else they can get their hands on, they don’t see that guarding legitimate sites and services is necessary.

I forecast ten years ago that the “world” would ruin all that was good about the Internet – in about ten years. Looks like we’re right on track. From trying to change tax laws in order to suck revenue from businesses not in their state, to spying on ALL our correspondence, to attacks on allegedly secure bank and medical information, deceasing online profiles and hiding your money under a mattress are starting to sound like good ideas.

Don’t forget…it’s not paranoia if it ends up being true.

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