This Week’s Obamanations

There is only so much stupid stuff one person can take in in any given week. For the past 6 months or so, it seems to me we are ALL in “overload” on stupid.

Here are a few irksome things going on at the moment.

Marriage: Man and a woman. Period.

This whole topic is like so many others than have run completely amok under the Obama regime. First they kinda-sorta make homosexual “marriage” legal but they forget that means having to review a whole other crop of laws that are now being “questioned.” So, this big push to me seems to be a “follow the money” moment. If you legalize homosexuals as married, then can they now file as “married” for tax puposes?

Hmmm…Guess this means that a WHOLE LOT of single people who were paying tax rates as “single” will now be filing as “married.” I’ve paid the single tax rate most of my adult life and I can tell you there is a HUGE difference between a single rate and a married rate for tax purposes. The administration shot itself in the foot with this one so of course they will turn to middle class heterosexual taxpayers to pay MORE once they realize all the tax revenue they just kissed goodbye to the same-sex marriage crowd. This tax advantage might turn a whole new trend in same-sex tax filers!

Obamacare: No, he doesn’t.

It amazes me that anyone is so narcissistic that they would lend their name and according to him most of his first term in office, to this piece of CRAP!

“You won’t pay more” – Yes, you will.
“You won’t be taxed or penalized” – Yes, you will, to both.
“Illegal aliens won’t be covered” – Yes, they will.

I keep reminding people that this thing was called the “Affordable Care Act.” The only word left that makes any sense by now is “act” – it’s ALL an act. There is nothing in this monstrosity that has done more than waste time on the “Is it or isn’t it?” or “Do we have to or don’t we have to?” – or pick any particular portion of the Act and you will find nothing but vagaries on most of the most important topics.

And let’s also not forget that during the passage of this Act of which most who voted for did not read, they who passed it – immediately exempted themselves from it. How stupid would you have to be to AGREE to this behavior on a more one-on-one scenario? Answer: You wouldn’t.

Stomp on Jesus?

Down south there are university professors telling students to write the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper and then stomp on it. No, I’m not kidding. Apparently one student in class had a brain of his own and he refused to do something so stupid AND pointless. The school had suspended him. Now there’s a lesson in education for you. I have to wonder what this black professor would have done in a class where HE was told to write Martin Luther King on a piece of paper and stomp on that. Or how about writing Barack Hussein Obama on a piece of paper and giving that a good stomp? Would secret service agents soon arrive? Do try this at home!

Easter is a bad, bad word

Now we have – also from the south, an assault on the word “Easter.” No, still not kidding. Apparently the same atheist idiots who are offended by crosses on graves are also feeling compelled to tell others that “Easter” is an offensive religious term. How does this crap get momentum? School systems and local governments bow down to it – instead of the more obvious response which would be to tell them to come back when they really have something to worry about.

It’s been a long day and I won’t get into the handouts to foreign countries while we drown in our own debt, or the fact that Obama’s kids are off on Spring Break to the Bahamas – probably to the tune of more than the nearly $200 grand they spent last year or that North Carolina just decided to GIVE driver’s licenses to illegal aliens – against much protest from the rest of us who are trying to use North Carolina roads without getting killed by one of them, or the Muslims who seem to think they too, like illegal aliens, are ABOVE most US laws. Why wouldn’t they? Obama keeps proving it is so…and he won’t be happy until the US is a third-world country with most of us unemployed and living in shacks while paying taxes to keep those EBT cards and cellphones going for illegals. And then there is the knee-jerk grab for guns – from law-abiding citizens. These yahoos actually believe they can pass a LAW regarding guns – that criminal gun possessors will FOLLOW! That’s worked SO WELL for drugs – and other illegal items…

It really is just too much for a sane brain to manage. It doesn’t make sense because it isn’t supposed to and that’s the one thing Obama is really good at.

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