Web Site Attacks and Deadbeat Clients – Time Wasters ALL

It amazes me that so many people with obvious technical skills use them to attempt invasion or crashes of other people’s work. I’ve not been able to get to this blog off and on for the past 4 days due to some “brute force” attack against the company that hosts the server. They detect a potential threat – and close access to everyone.

What a waste of time!

Also this past week I had a freelance blog job cancelled – because I requested I be paid on time. What was I thinking…

There is nothing more frustrating than to be a small business or a freelance worker and have people think that means they can get away with either not paying you, paying you late, or always (apparently) paying you last.

After 6+ months of this crap I finally sent off an email stating that I would like to be paid as agreed and that NOT being paid as expected was not only causing stress, but it was having a major impact on motivation to continue working. It’s difficult to sit at a screen and come up with positive and enthusiastic posts for a company when you are looking at 2 months worth of posts not yet paid for.

After nearly a week, I finally received a response that turned my request to be paid and my willingness to forge onward if I did, get turned around to the implication that I could not “handle the work stress” and they sent my “final” payment!

There was also a mention that the company’s CEO had been on vacation – as if I had dared to invade HIS downtime. Fact is – one month’s invoice was already overdue BEFORE he left for vacation – and yet he made no effort to pay it before he left. This is also the same excuse I got for the November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) invoices paid late. Does he think there were no holidays here where the work was still getting published?

It would be funny if it was not so pathetic.

This is a company that also manages full time – “every two weeks” employees. I had to wonder what would happen if any of THEM were not paid for 2 months – while they were expected to continue working. Would they all be fired for expecting payment for work already completed? I doubt it.

So my “Friday Facts” which I am finally able to post on Sunday are:

#1 Hackers – find something more productive to do with your skills. Mind your own business. Leave the rest of us alone because…

#2 We are having a hard enough time staying “employed” and getting paid. We don’t need to have blogs and web sites we manage “attacked” – forcing us to delay work we’ve already finished.

#3 Deadbeat Clients: Your business is suspect if you can’t pay your bills on time. Good riddance.

Happy Sunday – see you again – when I can…

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