Drowning in Purposeful Nonsense

I started this blog to try to ask questions that weren’t being asked or weren’t being answered regarding decisions being made by the US Government and our alleged representatives. I had drastically underestimated in December 2010, how much worse things would get.

Now I’ve come to believe this was the goal of the Obama administration. Those not inside Obama’s “protected” zone are constantly distracted by the latest flare-up – the fire before still burning – with no answers and no clear explanation.

Let’s do a quick recap:

+ Benghazi – the result of tragic and unexplainable inaction
+ Obamacare – now you see it, now you don’t but you’ll still pay
+ Selection of top officials with dubious backgrounds
+ Gun-running to Mexico and who knows where else
+ Lack of border enforcement and the DACA – Deferred (meaning no) removal of illegal aliens
+ Executive pen-signings on contentious issues
+ Multi-million dollar vacations with Obama’s daughters listed as “senior advisers”
+ NSA spying – on everyone
+ IRS used to whip Tea Party and conservative groups
+ No budget
+ No new jobs…
…and last but not least, basic ineptitude regarding foreign policy.

Surrounding all this nonsense is the continuing feeling that no one is sure who Obama really is. There is at least one image online showing Obama requesting aid to attend a US college as a “foreign student.” So, is this fraud? We can’t find out for sure because Obama spent a lot of time, money and effort to seal his past from view. But the fact remains that if he received $1 in aid as a foreign student, he is then also ineligible to be President of the United States.

How did he get here? I haven’t a clue. How did he stay here? Well, if the DOJ is more concerned about ensuring people are NOT required to have valid ID to vote than to make sure we have a legitimate election- that would be my first guess.

Have you applied for a job lately? You’ll need a valid ID. For many jobs you’ll be put through a background check – to at minimum prove you are who you say you are. Have experience and education listed on your resume? Those items will be checked for validity before you are hired.

But not Obama and not for the “job” of President of the United States of America.

More nonsense.

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