Fighting Apathy

It is getting harder and harder to be a conservative thinker in the United States. And it doesn’t really matter how “conservative” your views, or whether you ever saw yourself in this category.

+ If you don’t like the constant waste of tax dollars – you’re conservative.
+ If you don’t like your country overrun with illegal aliens – you’re conservative AND a racist.
+ If you don’t like a US President who makes unilateral decisions – you’re a conservative AND a racist.
+ If you don’t like a country having a $17 trillion debt – you’re a conservative.

I get tired of all the “noise” which merely serves to distract from these important issues impacting my country and my fellow citizens.

Take away the conservative label and what do you have?

++ A constant waste of tax dollars
++ A country overrun with illegal aliens
++ A President who makes unilateral decisions
++ A country in $17 trillion in debt

What changed? Nothing.

The apathy sets in when one sees that the same problems continue in some shape or form, via each day’s news reports. Vote down the DREAM Act? Good you say. But, no. Obama comes up with a little scheme called “deferred action” which is worse than the DREAM Act which has never actually BEEN an “Act” since it has consistently failed to be accepted! Crazymaking at its finest.

As if this is not enough to completely dull your brain, the president and his cronies keep pushing illegal alien “demands” as if this is his #1 concern. The GOP is not better and in fact WORSE since as the opposing party with a “conservative” base, they at least should be listening to their constituents. But no.

Instead, they are proposing some convoluted scheme of their own which is some of the worst example of fence-sitting I have ever seen. And it’s a dangerous game they play with 2014 elections approaching.

What about jobs for millions of American citizens who are un or under-employed? What about that deficit thing? Where’s even the hint of a balanced budget? And how the HECK are you going to get us out of this healthcare debacle created by, you-know-who?

Some mornings I find it nearly impossible to retain focus of what is really going on – and I do really make an effort. Why? Because it DOES make a difference. Remove the labels slapped on topics and study what the real damages are to our country. Despite the spin, they will be the same – across the board.

Now, more than ever, apathy is just not an option.

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