Friday Facts: March 15, 2013

Here’s a little image of someone who doesn’t even have a passing acquaintance with “facts.”

Obama - Convenient

What he means is that HE doesn’t have a debt crisis. Things are looking good for Obama, his family, his cronies, and for all the people who are a constant drain on taxpayers.

And since he’s a narcissist, YOU should have no problems because he doesn’t. The real problem is, half the country does not have Obama’s sociopathic leanings nor do we have our hands in the till.

So while he’s out playing golf, and planning his next $4+ million dollar vacation, and sending billions of tax dollars to the Muslim brotherhood while closing the White House for tours due to “funding,” just remember…Obama only succeeds because people do not take the time to look beneath the veneer. Hard to do with lying and sealed records but if you study this person and his past, you can only come to one conclusion.

Who is this person and why and how did he become the President of the United States – twice?

If we can ever get the answer to those questions, we might just have time to save this country.

Need more?

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Friday Facts: March 8, 2013

I got up this morning and after another week’s excuse for “news” – had that phrase, “Who you gonna call?” in my head. Instead of “Ghostbusters” being the response – I realized it feels like there is no one to call – not if you are concerned about the state of affairs in the United States of America.

The media is all but bought-and-paid for. They spew pre-selected bits and pieces of information – based on whether or not it might hurt President Obama’s feelings.

And then this week: Sen. Paul declares victory after Holder offers assurance on drones

I give Senator Paul credit. With a bit of assist from a few others, he managed to at least get a signed statement from Eric Holder saying that the US Government would not use drones to kill US citizens – in the US.

The media was all over his some 13-hour filibuster – as they should have been when a politician has to make such a desperate attempt to protect US citizens. But where is the media outrage over the idea in the first place? And who can trust Eric Holder’s signature on a piece of paper?

This is what happens when you find yourself dealing with liars. Once you realize they are liars and will lie at any time, nothing they ever tell you can be held later as “accountable.” Real sickos at the lying game will even warn you…”Well, you know I’ll lie.” In their warped view of the world – this makes perfect sense and absolves them of their constant deceit of others.

There is an underlying sickness in the US right now – maybe it has been there in the past, but never as “in your face” as it is now. Obama and his administration get full blame for it. When lying is a “known” and is almost accepted as standard procedure, when the word of the US Attorney General of the United States is subject to scorn and suspect as to credibility, and when illegal no longer means illegal – based on the government’s constant rehash and rework of US laws – things are bad – and getting worse.

And where was Obama while this was going on? He was having a meal at the Plume Restaurant in DC with a handful of Republican Senators. Don’t look for menu prices – you won’t find them – and you know the old saying, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford.” Why were these Republican senators not back at their posts supporting Rand Paul? Good question. My NC Senator Burr was at the dinner with Obama – maybe I’ll ask him about the prices – AND, who picked up the tab this time…

I’d probably have better luck getting an answer if I just called, “Ghostbusters.”

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Friday Facts: March 1, 2013

Phrase for the week: “Country Gone Wild.” At least the political side of things…

President Obama, with the help of his ever-faithful minion Janet Napolitano, has decided that 15 million + illegal aliens running loose in the US is just not enough. Three days BEFORE the alleged first day of “sequestration,” Janet and Co. just released a couple hundred thousand more of those illegal aliens they caught committing crimes AFTER they illegally entered the country.

Yes, LET THEM GO FREE! I keep waiting for someone from the ACLU to bring a lawsuit against the administration on behalf of child molesters, who were not freed. Bank robbers, who were not freed. Dope dealers, who do nothing BUT “dream of a better life” were not freed. Deadbeat parents, who were not freed. The list could go on and on, but you get the point. Only ILLEGAL ALIENS were freed from jail and apparently their deportation orders will now just be lost in the shuffle.

In the “talking out of both sides of your face” category, Napolitano stated:

On Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned her agency would be forced to furlough 5,000 Border Patrol agents and cut 2,750 customs officers. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is looking at more than $500 million in cuts, scaling back overtime and imposing furloughs up to 14 days this year.

This is like Christmas for Obama, DHS and illegal aliens…More like the Apocalypse for the rest of us.

So now the Obama story is that he’s releasing criminals out to prey on US citizens with a cost-saving motivation, but he won’t remove illegals from the country which cost for them remaining adds up to some $113 billion per year. This is classic Obama. He’s that used car salesman that can discuss the great color of the car and point out the luxury of the leather seats, but he can’t tell you anything about the MPG or the cost of the car – or its history.

It’s obvious that this administration is making “cuts” that will be as painful as possible for the American citizen and taxpayer. Threaten the US military, threaten unemployment checks for those who need them to survive, threaten national parks, threaten ANYTHING that the public really wants or needs. These bully tactics are not new from this administration. The last time he feared he would not get his way, he bullied elderly and retired citizens, telling them their social security checks might be diminished and/or delayed.

In reality, these “cuts” are minimal and per usual, things that SHOULD be cut, will be “exempted” and protected – like Obama’s paycheck. Guess he needs this exemption to afford those $9,000 dresses for his wife but, oh wait, taxpayers bought that too…

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Fox News Comments: Yes, and No

Just a little update…

Still not sure what Fox News is doing with their comments section. Comment capability seemed to disappear in 2012, and now it is back, but only on certain stories.

Look to the left sidebar for their “Comments” link. You’ll no longer be able to use whatever user name you had prior – meaning all your former comments are probably gone in the black hole of the internet. But, if you’re willing to login via Facebook or several other “registration” vehicles, you can still post a comment.

I don’t have time to monitor each story, but it would be interesting to know which articles enable comments versus one or two I’ve found that still don’t…

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Friday Facts: February 22, 2013

Okay, it’s not a fact but an opinion – so sue me…

In my opinion, one of the most frightening stories of the week concerns – public restrooms. Yes, restrooms. This week, the topic surrounds the “transgender” use of school bathrooms by students who apparently don’t know for sure who or what they are.

Students Who Refuse to Affirm Transgender Classmates Face Punishment

Yes, it gets worse…

Because if you are a student who recognizes the fact that you are either a girl or, a boy, you will now be FORCED into sharing bathrooms with those who are well, “undecided.” And if you don’t like it – there is a penalty for that.

If there was one thing I never had to worry about through all my years of school, it was the knowledge that boys would NOT be in the girl’s bathrooms and girl’s would never enter the boy’s bathroom. I feel sorry for kids in school now who, with all the other weirdness going on in their world, have to also manage this next “politically correct” ridiculousness. A kid paying attention might ask why it is that he or she has to deal with those who are confused. Who wants someone confused standing next to you at a urinal? Doesn’t it impact the right of the “gender as advertised” kid who now has to deal with those of obvious other sexes in their restroom at school?

It’s giving me a headache just writing about it.

Further along in the article:

According to the Dept. of Education, transgender students are those whose assigned birth sex does not match their “internalized sense of their gender.”

Their WHAT?

Give me a break! Is there anyway for a student to get some attention faster these days than to claim some new “right” because of their “internalized sense of their gender?”


I don’t know what is wrong with these school administrations, kid’s parents, and the kids themselves. ALL of you attention-seekers really need to get with the real school program which is EDUCATION! While you’re spending valuable time discussing “internalized sense of gender” (sorry for the repeats but the phrase makes me laugh,) kids are being turned out of schools lacking basic skills. Those who actually gather a few skills while in school, can’t find jobs when they leave, etc., etc.

All these STUPID distractions – and yes, I think this is stupid, are covering the fact that school are failing students, and parents are in may cases acting as co-dependents. Keep making your little darling think the world revolves around them and you will suffer the consequences later. The rest of the kids in school are unfortunately suffering for them already.

And while you are “punishing” students who refuse to recognize transgender others, realize that you are impacting the rights of the gender-affirmed kids to just be who THEY are – without repercussion and without restriction.

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Valentine’s Day: Alone, But Not Lonely


I have to stick by “Mayhem” and what I said last year. It is much better to be alone than to suffer from being with the wrong person. Here are a few good reasons:

#1. You only have to deal with your own mistakes and your own “emergencies.” Having certain dysfunctional people in your life can make you feel constantly out of balance and unable to focus.

#2. You don’t have to send any flowers or, you won’t be disappointed at what you don’t receive. I had a “other” who ended up being not very significant and who had an excuse each year for totally missing the day – same as happened on my birthday most years. I deserve better.

#3. You can sit back and smirk if you must at all the money people are spending on being thoughtful one day of the year – when they may be an asshole the other 364. Valentine’s Day is notorious for being the day those who are the worst partners in relationships overcompensate by giving the flashiest gifts.

#4. You can spend the day being thankful that you are not reliant upon gifts from others to evaluate your own self-worth. This sounds condescending but the meaning is, it is “okay” to be alone and be comfortable with it. Many can’t – you can. Always a good thing to know about one’s self.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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Friday Facts: And the Idiot of the Week is…

Sorry guys, but you win this week’s award:

Colorado Democrats want gun manufacturers held liable for crimes committed with their guns

This is just the latest in the never-ending effort to allow a FEW people to commit heinous violence against others – and blame someone else for what they’ve done.

If you follow this premise, auto manufacturers are responsible for vehicle deaths. Alcoholic beverage producers are responsible for alcohol-related crimes and accidents. Drug suppliers are responsible for ALL the crimes against man (and woman) committed because of drug “needs” etc., etc.

I may have driven a car for 40 years and never killed anyone. I may have owned a handgun for 40 years and never killed anyone. But if I listen to politicians like these yahoos, I should have someone else to blame if I ever do. How dare that gun manufacturer take my money in exchange for a product I selected! How dare that auto manufacturer sell me a car when I just MIGHT kill someone with it.

Do you see the stupidity? It isn’t the fault of the manufacturers of “things” anymore than it is my fault that some lunatic on prescription drugs kills people – and uses a gun to do so. What does his or her action have to do with my level of responsibility? Answer: Nothing.

There is a nasty wind blowing in this country and the message is that everyone must be equal – including being charged equally for what the minority does that is wrong. I will NOT be restricted or penalized for the actions of others. Period.

Too many times already in my lifetime, I have lost the ability to do something or have had to pay more to do something because others have proven irresponsible. The housing/mortgage “crisis” is a prime example. While Tom, Dick, and Harry were out getting loans for houses 10 times their yearly income, I was not. But what happens?

When Tom, Dick and Harry can’t pay the mortgages they signed their names to, they whine – along with a million+ other people who did the same. Turns out that Tom, Dick, and Harry – and their irresponsible friends, have received reduced interest rates or “forgiveness” for much of their principal loan amount, or been able to stay in their homes while paying NO MORTGAGE payment.

What did I get for paying mine on time? Was my interest rate reduced for being a on-time payer? No. Did my mortgage company offer to just erase some of what I owe on my home? Ah, no.

I saw a comment made somewhere today that said there is a big slice of America that is currently practicing “peaceful patience.” Patience is about to run out – and it won’t be peaceful when it does.

There is just too much ignorance in the government at the local, state, and federal level. The noise they create as distraction, the stupidity they spend weeks and months discussing, is all in aid of something else – something worse they don’t want us to know – or hope we forget. There is no other reason why politicians keep making such idiotic comments and NO ONE steps up to call them on it. This latest attempt to cast blame on gun manufacturers is a far cry from the “disappeared” discussion on the gun-running Fast and Furious scam perpetrated by the President of the United States and his home-boy, the US Attorney General. Where did that go?

I’ve come to realize there is just no “news” worth reading. None of it makes sense because it is not supposed to for anyone who is paying ANY attention. The real scam is that too many people are NOT paying attention – and still reading news as if it is fact.

And the idiots on both sides – win.

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Who’s Coming To America?

It’s not just illegal Mexicans – although they are far and away the predominate ethnic/National group.

Want more facts? Visit They Come To America
Buy the DVD here.

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Obama – Can He BE That Stupid?

I am constantly amazed at the crap that comes out of Obama’s mouth and the number of gullible people who suck it up…

President Barack Obama threw his full support behind a comprehensive overhaul of U.S. immigration laws on Tuesday, saying “now’s the time” to replace a system he called “out of date and badly broken.”

Overhaul the laws? You’ve eliminated so many and given illegals deferred action on the rest. Who would ever trust YOU when laws are in question?

Duh. Firm grasp of the obvious. But what he is missing is the fact that since US Immigration laws are NOT ENFORCED, of COURSE the system is broken! How can it NOT be?

The Federal government and the politicians who refuse to close the loopholes have removed all risk for illegal aliens while leaving all the benefits they gain in place. What is happening now is the same scam played on US citizens and taxpayers in 1986. They let the illegals in – but NEVER enforced any of the rules they were now supposed to play by. Fast forward to 2013 – and here they go again! Those who were allowed to stay in 1986 just provided contacts in country for the millions who have entered illegally.

This is just CRAP! Both parties should be ashamed of themselves for their obvious and transparent pandering to Hispanics. They have secret meeting with some Hispanic Caucus and no surprise – this is the garbage they come up with.

Obama will be remembered by history as the president who destroyed this country. No balanced budget, debt out of control, a jobs council he doesn’t have time or interest to attend, F-16s to the Muslim brotherhood which by the way I did not approve, unemployment at 10% and a economy in the tank. He can’t blame Bush for this. ALL has gotten much worse under the Obama Amateur Tours.

Now, we’ll be forced to feed, educate, clothe and house some 20 million illegals this country just can’t afford. Bye, bye America…

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NC schools write off cursive instruction

So now in North Carolina schools, you are not “forced” to learn cursive writing. Heaven forbid!

“It’s motor skills. It’s cognitive skills. It’s left to right. It’s interactive – you make those loops (and) one loop connects to another loop,” Smith said. “It leads to a higher order of thinking. One idea leads to another idea.”

Still, teachers said that classroom time is at a premium to meet common core standards, which emphasize computer keyboard skills.

Teaching them to run before they can walk…explains a lot…and let’s make sure they can use those keyboards so they can text all those misspelled and abbreviated words. And make sure they spend time in computer labs so they can be more competitive at all those computer games.

The “dumbing down” of kids continues.

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